Tami1Tami Thomas: Instructor and co – owner of Pickleball Naples LLC wins Gold at the first US Open Pickleball Championships in Naples Florida. Tami got a bye the first round then beat two 5.0 players to get the Gold in the 50+ womens singles division.

  PickleBall A sport with a peculiar name is catching on. The game is part tennis, part ping-pong and part badminton. It’s played with a large paddle and a whiffle ball on a court the size of a badminton court — 20 feet by 44 feet. The net is 3 feet off the ground. Get it over, get it in, don’t go for to much. Jennifer Lucor Your game will quickly improve if you do practice drills

“NEVER SACRIFICE CONTROL FOR POWER.” “It’s subtle improvements and consistency that will take you to the next skill level.” Jennifer Lucor

Pickleball Tips & Strategies

  1. Attack the Net!
  2. Communicate with you Partner.  Use terms like “yours” or “mine”.
  3. Maintain good form while striking the ball.
  4. Stay light on your feet and move around.
  5. Be ready and always face the direction the ball is coming from.
  6. Utilize the baseline dink to the middle as your “Third” shot.
  7. Exploit your opponent’s backhand.
  8. Never be predictable — mix up your shots between power and finesse.
  9. Don’t go for too much — stick with the basics and get the ball in play.
  10. Try to keep the ball deep but don’t panic if it’s not.

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11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Great site! Will share this with my PB pals in Indy since this is a great example of how to stay connected with PB info and players. So glad I was introduced to Fleishman PB.

  2. Jerry, I have never seen anyone or any place with a site like this one. You are doing an excellent job getting tips and strategies out to all of us, and keeping us informed about Pickleball in Naples. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Jerry,
    As Pickleball addicts go……we understand each other! You, however, rise above with the things you accomplish by 10am!!
    This site, for example, is updated daily, is informative, includes the seasonal players even after they’ve returned home and, like you, is top notch!
    Thank you for all that you do!!

  4. Hey Jerry,
    Thanks for the video. All of us at Bonita Bay enjoyed the chance to play with you and your colleagues
    this summer. Hope we can organize something during the season, once everything has settled down.

  5. Hi Jerry,
    It’s Kim from Canada eh? I now have fellow players repeating after me ” accuracy over power”. I thank you for your informative site. When I am wondering what I am doing wrong I check back into the categories and always find what I need. Tim and I still talk about our fun time with you all in Naples.
    Thank you for your dedication to this sport.

  6. Jerry, you are a wonderful instructor and as a novice I feel like PB might become my obsession! Just can’t wait until I feel confidant to play well. Thank you for introducing me to your group of players … See ya next week! Margie

  7. Add to your game by thinking of improving your serve effectiveness. That will put you in the offensive right from the start. Depth, pace, spin and power will increase your chances of gaining control.
    The same goes for the return where you do an approach shot to get to the net. Don’t hang back unless you have to. Volleys at net is where most of the points are won.

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