What our students have to say:


We wanted to tell you two how much we enjoyed our lessons this weekend.  It
was just what we needed and we learned so much. What a positive, fun and
educational time. We enjoyed meeting you and look forward to our next
meeting .


Hi Jerry,
We thoroughly enjoyed this morning. Thank you so much.

Thanks again.



Thank you very much for the awesome lesson this morning and all your encouragement.

Best regards,

Lori-Anne (and Ed)

Hi Jerry,

Today was the perfect experience for Becky and I for our first pickleball lesson. You were so positive, specific, kind and FUN! Hopefully we will see you again, and meet Tami.  We wish you both great matches in the upcoming tournament!

Thanks again, Jerry!


A group of us has be taking Pickleball lessons at Fleischmann Park in Naples for a couple of months.  We feel that we are ready to play on our own.  We have two instructors, Jerry and Tammy.  They are great and obviously did a stellar job with us!  They provide the paddles, balls, and net.  This is a great chance to try something new and REALLY fun! Jerry,  thanks for introducing us to such a fun sport.  Your lessons were so much fun.  I hope to continue pursuing the sport and improving my skills.  Maybe the group will occasionally take a few brush-up sessions.  Who knows, maybe we will get to compete in tournaments someday. I’ll definitely pass on your information to others who want to learn the sport.  Thanks to you and Tami.

Linda M


Yes- I did enjoy the lesson. You helped me by identifying things I need to change and also taught me appropriate technique so I can improve my skills.


I appreciate all you did for me. Best- Mary


Super fun!!!!!!! You’re a great instructor! Stephanie W


Thank you Jerry, you are a good teacher!!! Karen

I am planning to do it again, because I did enjoy it.  Jerry and Tami are fabulous teachers and they will have you playing on some level of the game with in an hour!
Carol S


Jerry, I learned a lot this morning.  I love your positive attitude.  You are an awesome instructor.


Jerry,  I enjoy the lessons and getting in a game encountering all the various situations that pop up during an actual game.
Pam S


The lesson that I had with Jerry and Tami was great! They are such good teachers, professional, engaging, experienced! I will take another lesson and then hope to start playing! It’s a great sport.



Hi Jerry and Tami,
Just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the pickleball lesson today with Lynn.  I look forward to taking more and learning the game and having some fun in the future.  Let me know if you have any beginner classes next week after Monday. Thanks again,

Cecelia H


Tami and Jerry,

I wanted to thank you both for the extra time you spent with Debi and me on Monday.  You both were excellent instructors and kept us moving along the learning continuum.    Looking forward to next week’s lesson!



August Please schedule Charlene and me for our next lesson   Please confirm.  Really enjoyed today’s lesson.
Claudette and Charlene and Tami. Beginner lesson.cc

Thanks for coming from Bonita for anotherTamiWendyBernieJerry Pickleball Lesson Wendy and Bernie! It was a great lesson, I got a lot out of it.. You are patient for sure! Wendy

 Thank you Jerry & Tami July21RSaWas a very productive day we learn a lot now we have to put them in practice Thank you Bernie. Thanks for the last lesson..we’re all trying to remember to bring the game to the net .. We were all very happy w/lesson !! Hope to repeat! Sue July 21, 2015




May 6, 2015 Jerry, My wife and I want to thank you so much for the instruction you have given us over the past couple of weeks. Your knowledge of the game and continual support during practice is exceptional. You are a great instructor and player. We have learned so much from you. We will be back in the fall for more lessons and hope to use what you have given us now during the summer back north. Rollie Hemmett and Lynn Saracino

Jerry, you are a wonderful instructor and as a novice I feel like PB might become my obsession! Just can’t wait until I feel confidant to play well. Thank you for introducing me to your group of players … See ya next week! Margie New Comment April 21, 2015 Jerry, we really enjoyed you teaching us. You have so much knowledge. Is 8:30 next Wednesday ok with you for our next lesson. Rollie New Comment April 20, 2015 Jerry, thanks for the great lesson you gave Nancy and me last week. I really learned a lot and look forward to sharing with my PB group back in Cleveland. I would love to continue with you next season when I return. You mentioned some tips that you could send by email. I would really love to see them. Thanks so much, Meg S New Comment April 19, 2015 … good encouragement … I wish I found you earlier… Best, Katherine New comment May 19, 2013 As a new Pickleball player, I was interested in learning new skills correctly and not just applying other racquet skills to Pickleball.  So, I took a lesson with Jerry.  It was a great move ( no pun intended)!  Jerry is a knowledgeable, skillful teacher who led me through a series of different shots and gave me clear and helpful feedback.  I would urge all beginners to get the foundation skills from a great teacher like Jerry so you can enjoy this fun new game! Josephine D. New comment May 1, 2013 Never heard of Pickle ball until I met Jerry!  Had my first lesson last week.  Thanks Jerry for your patience and encouragement!!!  It was a lot of fun and I plan on getting back on court as soon as possible. Wendy B  ________________________ A new comment on the post “Students Only”  Sun 3/24/2013 4:28 PM Great notes.  Very easy to understand.  It helps me  remember  everything that  I learned at the lesson.  I can always refer back to these notes.  Thanks, Chris D ________________________ “I had a PB lesson with Jerry and just loved it.  Jerry is a great instructor.  He is very patient and very encouraging.  Jerry is focused on making you a better player.  I already scheduled my second lesson. Jerry truly enjoys what he is doing and I recommend  him if you want to learn more about PB and become a better player.” Chris D Presently Naples, Fl _______________________ “I took my first PickleBall lesson ever with Jerry and enjoyed it tremendously.  He is a competent, thorough and patient instructor.  Jerry’s huge interest in the game of Pickleball is obvious and infectious.  He truly wants you to succeed, and therefore, gives you the knowledge you need by explaining and demonstrating techniques and the proper way to play the game.  I feel so much more confident after one lesson, that I have already scheduled another lesson, and plan to continue with his instruction as the perfect way to improve my game.  I would highly recommend that anyone who is new to this exciting game take some lessons with Jerry.  He will solve the problems you have as a beginner and improve and simplify your game.  It was truly an enjoyable experience.” Linda P., Naples, FL ______________________ I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my first PB lesson. It takes great patience and understanding to be able to show a person the skills we need to improve our game, without making the person feel lost. I feel anyone can benefit with your lessons and develop a better understanding of this game. I have only been playing a few weeks, however I feel the lessons are valuable because they will hopefully teach what is necessary not to develop bad habits.” Thank You Carol P, Naples, FL

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