Pickleball Clinic (2 hour Special) Fleischmann Park Saturday July 14th 9:45 to 11:45

Pickleball Clinic (Pickleball 1.0) with Tami and Jerry. Click the PayPal button to pay $25 for the 2 hour clinic.

Thanks Jerry and Tami

Introduction to Pickleball (Pickleball 1.0)Meet up members organizers, Kurt and Bob, have been lucky enough to meet Jerry and Tami, co-founders and instructors of Pickleball Naples.
They would like to help us all understand the game of Pickleball and are offering us a SPECIAL 2 hour clinic on Pickleball.Payment required in advance so we know how many players we will have in the clinic. Thanks.
The cost for clinic is $25 per student for 2 hours.The clinic will consist of learning:-Basic strokes: dinks, volleys, punches, smashes, (it’s really not a violent game) service, ground strokes and the 3rd shot.

-Basic rules.

The Clinic format:
Everyone on the courts practicing the seven basic strokes under the supervision of Jerry and Tami.

Remaining time everyone plays Pickleball.

Minimum 5 players, maximum 9.

Saturday, July 14, 9:45 am to 11:45 am

The clinic will be held at Fleischmann Park 1600 Fleischmann Blvd Naples Fl 34102

What is included and supplied:
-2 instructors, Jerry and Tami
-Equipment: includes Nets, demo paddles, balls
-Court rental
The cost for clinic is $25 per student for 2 hours.

Pickleball Naples LLC is also an authorized PaddleTek distributor, offering paddles for sale to only our students.

Please bring sunscreen, water, and a hat. Please wear shoes with a flat sole if possible. A court shoe, not a walking shoe.

Get ready to have some fun!

The instructors

Fun video Jerry and Tami practicing with 2 balls

Look forward to seeing you on the courts!
Jerry and Tami

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Watch their footwork, positioning, they never take their eyes off the ball. The paddle is always up and in the ready position.
Videos well worth watching.

Villages Pickleball #1 VS Seattle Superstarts PART 2  Lots of Dinking

2012 USAPA National Tournament – Women’s Singles Final

2012 USAPA National Tournament – Women’s Singles Final 2

USAPA 2012 National Tournament Women’s Doubles Gold 1

USAPA 2012 National Tournament Women’s Doubles Gold 2


Welcome to PickleBall Fleischmann Park

Good morning,
Players start arriving about 8:00 am and practice. Play usually starts by 9 am. M – S and sometimes on Sunday.

Welcome back to Naples.
Checkout: http://pickleballnaplesfl.com/.
Here are some PB videos of us on YouTube.com search term PickleBall Naples.
Here’s some PickleBall information. I have attached a copy of the rules, I downloaded them from: http://www.usapa.org/

2012 USAPA National Tournament – Women’s Singles Final http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzNIbc3864o

Here is the park information:
Park Manager Jennifer Fox
Fleischmann Park
1600 Fleischmann Blvd.
Naples, FL 34102

Phone: 239-213-3020
Fax: 239-213-3018
Email: jfox@naplesgov.com