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Pickleball lessons in Naples Florida

Next Beginner Clinic January 7th 2019

Every Monday: Beginner CLINIC – Never played Pickleball or played before and want a better understanding of the basics. Clinic 1 ½ hours, time 7:30 am to 9:00 am. COST $30.00 per student. There will be 2 instructors: Jerry and Tami The clinic will consist of learning: Basic rules. Basic strokes: dinks, volleys, punches, smashes (it’s really not a violent game), the serve, ground strokes, footwork.

*** 3 students minimum.

Email to register: info@pickleballnaplesfl.com

There will be 2 instructors: Jerry and Tami
Flexible hours
All skill sets welcome
1 hour/$80
Email: info@pickleballnaplesfl.com

There will be 2 instructors: Jerry and Tami
Flexible hours
All skill sets welcome
2 students 1 hour/$40 per student
Email: info@pickleballnaplesfl.com

*Pickleball Naples reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or add lessons or services within 24 hours. We will make every effort to accommodate all requests.

Pickleball Clinic (2 hour Special) Fleischmann Park Saturday July 14th 9:45 to 11:45

Pickleball Clinic (Pickleball 1.0) with Tami and Jerry. Click the PayPal button to pay $25 for the 2 hour clinic.

Thanks Jerry and Tami

Introduction to Pickleball (Pickleball 1.0)Meet up members organizers, Kurt and Bob, have been lucky enough to meet Jerry and Tami, co-founders and instructors of Pickleball Naples.
They would like to help us all understand the game of Pickleball and are offering us a SPECIAL 2 hour clinic on Pickleball.Payment required in advance so we know how many players we will have in the clinic. Thanks.
The cost for clinic is $25 per student for 2 hours.The clinic will consist of learning:-Basic strokes: dinks, volleys, punches, smashes, (it’s really not a violent game) service, ground strokes and the 3rd shot.

-Basic rules.

The Clinic format:
Everyone on the courts practicing the seven basic strokes under the supervision of Jerry and Tami.

Remaining time everyone plays Pickleball.

Minimum 5 players, maximum 9.

Saturday, July 14, 9:45 am to 11:45 am

The clinic will be held at Fleischmann Park 1600 Fleischmann Blvd Naples Fl 34102

What is included and supplied:
-2 instructors, Jerry and Tami
-Equipment: includes Nets, demo paddles, balls
-Court rental
The cost for clinic is $25 per student for 2 hours.

Pickleball Naples LLC is also an authorized PaddleTek distributor, offering paddles for sale to only our students.

Please bring sunscreen, water, and a hat. Please wear shoes with a flat sole if possible. A court shoe, not a walking shoe.

Get ready to have some fun!

The instructors

Fun video Jerry and Tami practicing with 2 balls

Look forward to seeing you on the courts!
Jerry and Tami