If you arrive early, please assist with the set‐up of the nets, signage, balls and if playing late (or last), please assist with the take down and storage of the City’s equipment.

Walk near the fence so you do not interfere with games in progress.

Play stops when a ball from another court comes on to your court (Safety first).
Let players know: Say,” BALL OR BALL ON COURT”

Everyone should assist with gathering up the balls so that baskets are full for each game.

Everyone was (or is) a beginner at one time and playing with people that are better then you or that are just learning will help all players, at all skill levels and keep the sport of Pickleball growing. Everyone appreciates the time given to “assist” all levels of players with rules, set up, specific plays etc.






1 thought on “ETIQUETTE”

  1. Originally a competitive indoor Badminton, Tennis & Table Tennis (not just PingPong) player I’m very clear on Pickleball.
    Despite being told about it a decade ago, I was apprehensive about trying it. Perhaps the name threw me off. Oh well, but I decided to take it up last year. Really easy to play because of skills developed in the other sports.
    The one thing I notice is that there are too many people clearly pretty foggy on the rules, proper strokes, etiquette and so on, and on and on.
    The USAPA would do well to have a touring clinic across the country that is affordable and accessible to everyone interested. As its popularity increases, it runs the risk of more and more people perpetually caught up in the ‘fog’. Social Pickleball is ok up to a point but I believe everyone who has even a mild curiosity can improve somewhat. Too bad a nice sport has to suffer from these casualties and the phenomenon of ‘Pickleheads’. Hopefully more will become enlightened in short order.
    It can only be good for the sport.

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